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Icon tutorial

Requested by dark_x_huntress

This post includes a tutorial for this icon:

Using Photoshop CS5, but should be translatable to other versions. :)

This icon was made for lims_movie, so I didn't choose the picture :P
Link to original image from Deadpool.
I had to recreate the parts with my own PSD because of the re-sizing, but I hope it's still good enough. :)

I always start by cropping the image to 300x300.

Now it's obviously very grainy. There are several ways of fixing this (topaz, surface blur, manual blurring, smudging, painting, reduce noise).
I prefer to use reduce noise, because it doesn't give such a plasticy look as e.g. topaz does.
So, duplicate your base layer and go to Filter>>Noise>>Reduce noise. I use these settings:

Do this one more time.

It's a bit dark, so I duplicated the layer and set it to Screen 80%.

Some of the contrast was lost by the brightening, so I added a gradient map with this gradient:

and set it to Soft Light.

Now it's time to do the cut-out. I stamp my layers (ctrl+shift+alt+e) and add a mask to the layer. I made a new color fill layer beneath, so I can see what I have erased. I use the Polygonal lasso tool with 1% feather to do the cutting, but you can use whatever method you prefer. :)

I wanted it more pink, so I made a new curves layer (and masked it to the layer beneath so to not affect the background) with these settings:
Point one: output: 194, input 139
Point two: output: 102, input 77
Point one: o 102, i 89
two: o 148, i 169
Point one: o 139, i 182
It should look like this:

It's still quite grainy, so I made a new stamped layer with reduced noise. Masked it, inversed the mask and painted on the most grainy parts like this:

Add another stamped layer with reduced noise, and mask away the parts covering their eyes and mouth.

Now to get the red color on their skin, go back to the cut-out layer of the subjects, click on the mask, go to Select>>Load selection, then click on the top layer again. Add a new gradient map with this gradient:

It's really dark, so add a new Curves layer and clip it to the previous layer:
Point one: output: 100, input 92
Point two: output: 214, input 167
Point one: o 93, i 81
two: o 53, i 53
three: o 163, i 181
Point one: o 169, i 191
It should look like this:

Now to add some more light, add this texture (by me) and set it to Color Dodge. Mask away the part covering the girls forehead, becuase it's already very bright.

To add some more contrast, add another Curves layer:
Point one: output: 83, input 84
Point two: output: 207, input 173
Point one: o 169, i 174
Point one: o 119, i 143
It should look like this:

Now it's time for some sharpening before re-sizing to icon size.
Stamp the layer, go to the Filter gallery and choose Paint daubs with these settings:

Now re-size the icon to 100x100.

I thought it was a bit too dark and red-ish, so I added a new light blue color fill with #89a8c8 and set it to Soft light.

To get even more brightness, I added another Curves layer:
Point one: output: 89, input 81
Point two: output: 198, input 160
Point one: o 171, i 180
two: o 66, i 69
Point one: o 74, i 87
two: o 200, i 171

I wanted the background to look more even again, so repeat the selecting process from step 08, but this time invert the selection (ctrl+shit+e) so it will only affect the background. Make a new color fill layer with a purple color:

And then apparently I wanted to add more life to the background again as I added a new Gradient fill layer like this:

I moved it a bit to the left and down and then clipped it to the previous layer.

To fill out some of the shadow a bit, I added a new color fill layer with #b4af7c and set it to soft light. Repeat the masking process from step 08 so it will only affect the subjects.

To add some final lighting, add a new brightness/contrast layer with brightness +26 and clip it to the mask below.

For the final step I'm not quite sure what I did, but it must have been some brightening of some sort. :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Tags: !tutorial, movie: deadpool

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