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20 multifandom icons for somein30

This is my entry for round 07 - All Things Random at somein30.
Thank you jsfunction for this fun challenge!

I can't make a cohesive set ever I think, but it was fun!

Hover for fandoms!
See explanations for each icon at the end :)


01: Random character: Astrid Farnsworth (Fringe) I haven't iconed Astrid in forever, so it was nice to get her from the randomizer!
02: Random icontest challenge: Challenge 227: Big Emotions @ elitesimplicity Of course I had to get my own challenge, haha! I feel like it can be hard to icon very emotional scenes, because lbr, people tend to not look their best when they're bawling their eyes out. I chose Cersei's walk of shame, because the whole scene is basically one big emotion.
03: Random praise: "The deep, dark, and vivid reds in this icon are simply stunning! And I love the slight variation in color in the background to give the negative space that extra little touch of depth." This ended up a bit brighter than intended, but I think it's got the basics with negative space and variations of red in the background.
04: Random screencap: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince ok, I'm sorry but this cap was hard because of Ron's expression, so I chose to focus on Ginny in the background in stead. :P
05: Random song: Lady Gaga - Applause Not the most creative interpretation, sorry!
06: Random tutorial: How to Channel Mixer by raiindust A tool I never use, so this was tricky. But I did the basic coloring using 2 channel mixer layers.
07: Random movie poster: Starfish (2019) I've wanted to icon this screencap because Anya has such an intense face, if that makes any sense? Added the text inspired by the poster.
08: Random quote: "Life is only precious because it ends, kid. Take it from a god. You mortals don't know how lucky you are." - Rick Riordan, The Son of Neptune. I chose Scully from this quote, as she might be immortal.
09: Random textures: accio-glow I love moon textures, and I icon at 300x300, so this was the only one large enough :P
10: Random font: Bazgroly Not really my type of font, so I cheated a little and used another font in addition to this one.
11: Random trope: Religion of Evil Midsommar was the first thing that came fo my mind when I saw this trope. I didn't like the movie, but it had really pretty visuals.
12: Random remake: this icon I chose to use the same screencap and make something different, as the original icon is pretty simple.
13: Random song title: Downtown. I immediately thought of the scene in Lost where this song plays when Juliet is standing in front of the mirror :P
14: Random inspiration icon: Icon by kayable I took inspiration in the colors from this icon, the purple for the background and the orange from his hair.
15: Random palette: Bob Ross APC This palette just screamed Raised By Wolves to me. If you haven't watched it yet, you really should! Even if you don't like the plot, the visuals are so beautiful.
16: Random art: Italian Landscape with Resting Travelers (Jan Dirksz Both, ~1638-1640) I love this picture and specifically how the light is coming from the back of the painting and the foreground is in shadows. I couldn't really find a screencap with this, so I found a texture that kind of fit and played around with the lighting.
17: Random album cover: Samy Masoud Meets Aldubb – One I took inspiration from the colors in this, and thought the vibe really fit The Queens Gambit. I also found a texture that fit really well with the look of the album cover.
18: Random book cover: The Arabian Nights by Anonymous, Richard Francis Burton (Translator), A.S. Byatt (Introduction) I took inspiration from the levels and vertical lines in the cover using blocking and adding a divider to the middle. Originally the icon has text too, but I ended up scrapping it.
19: Random word: handicap My newest obsession is Superstore, so I had to pick Garret for this!
20: Random screencap pool: Breaking Bad Kind of a difficult selection, but I liked the one with Jesse on the bed, especially the contrast in the cap.

If you take any, it would be awesome if you could credit naginis or accios! And comments make me happy:)
Tags: !icons, movie: harry potter (all), movie: midsommar, movie: the hunger games (all), person: lady gaga, tv: breaking bad, tv: doom patrol, tv: fringe, tv: game of thrones, tv: his dark materials, tv: lost, tv: raised by wolves, tv: superstore, tv: the boys, tv: the queens gambit, tv: the x-files

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