Baby Yoda / Grogu

Multifandom for monthlyinspo

This is my entry for round 35: Spice up your life at monthlyinspo

Hover for fandom and spice :D

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Icons for somein30

First icon post since March, oops.

This is my entry for somein30 round 13 - Icon crossing.
We had to make a cross of two randomly picked icons, and I chose extra hard mode, which means I used the screencap from one icon and the style from the other (or both). :D
There's a lot of pink, yellow and b&w in this post for some reason. I blame the randomly picked icons :P
See old icons at the bottom!

Fringe, Lost, Prison Break, Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead, Castle, Merlin, Skam, Game Of Thrones, Killing Eve, Raised By Wolves, Good Omens, Suicide Squad, Dexter, Hannibal

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If you take any, it would be awesome if you could credit naginis or accios! And comments make me happy:)
The X-Files - Scully

20 multifandom icons for somein30

This is my entry for round 07 - All Things Random at somein30.
Thank you jsfunction for this fun challenge!

I can't make a cohesive set ever I think, but it was fun!

Hover for fandoms!
See explanations for each icon at the end :)

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